Road trip to see the Wonder Girls: Day one continued

August 22, 2009

It was Kevin and my turn to go in. In my head I was going AHHHH OMG OMG OMG ohhhhh shoot, but I looked 90% at peace on the outside. XD So I entered the room first, and the girls were on the left side of the room, waiting.

I felt like a child who did not know what was behind those mysterious doors but continued to draw closer, ever-so-slowly. I purposely took little steps so I could process what in the world was really going on..because I wanted to greet the Wonder Girls with a clear mind. Then Hana noticed us and welcomed us–“Here are the girls!” I smiled at them and waved “hi!” (ee pabo!!!) But instead of returning the same treatment, Leader Min extended her arms to welcome me.

I don’t think I could express my gratitude for her welcoming heart; it was the first and the warmest greeting I have ever received from a celebrity. And after the hug, she said “nice to meet you!” So I just went down the row, greeting Yeeun-unni, Sohee, and Sunmi each with a hug. Right after Sunmi, I rushed over to the right to hug Yoobin-unni lol. She had this look on her face that was like, “That’s right, girl. Come to meee~” rofl.

After greeting all the girls, I was going to start asking them questions. But right before I could say anything, Hana asked if I had a camera with me for the photo-op. So Kevin handed her my camera while I turned toward the girls, pleasantly surprised that Yeeun was motioning me to stand next to her (typical Yeeun, though I’m still happy about it =p). By this time, my adrenaline had completely built up…I was not shaking, but my heart was pumping blood like crazy. XD In addition to all that, I smiled like an idiot and Kevin looked stoned:

I asked for permission to give presents to the girls and gave them each a white T-shirt from Mardel’s that reads “WONDERFULLY MADE” with a verse from Psalms on the bottom. I briefly explained the whole “Wonderfully made/Wonder Girls” connection, and they looked pleasantly surprised like me earlier. By the way, their thank-you’s were extremely cute. :3 After T-shirt time, Yeeun-unni was like, “Let’s take a picture!” And I was thinking, “Didn’t we just take one?” LOL and she caught herself and said “Wait, did we take a picture already? …Yes, we did!” Then she playfully slapped herself in the forehead and laughed it off. So cute. XD

Then it was time for me to ask questions. I had at least one for each of them, like “Sunmi! If you could say one thing to Taeyeon-unni (from SNSD) right now, what would it be?” and I wanted to tell Yoobin-unni how amazing her rap is for Ga Jyeo Ga (Take It), how I want to rap Nobody (Rainstone Remix) with her, etc. XD But I had a feeling I didn’t have much time, so I asked them one selfish question I’ve been dying to ask since March. Back then, I had handed over some CDs I made for the Wonder Girls, including one original song, to a backstage worker after the OC show at La Mirada, California. Since then, I had no idea if he ever handed them over or if the girls ever heard it.

So addressing the whole group (though it might have looked like I was only speaking to Yeeun-unni because she was right in front of me), I said, “I don’t know if you still remember..(^__^; <– with this facial expression) but I bothered you a lot about the blue CDs, titled ‘This is Why’…” Yeeun-unni, who was listening to me very attentively, started thinking very hard as soon as I mentioned “blue CDs.” She paused for one second exactly after my question, and the light bulb went on. :DD She immediately responded, “Oh, yes..I remember. Yeah, I remember! It was about the reasons why you liked the Wonder Girls, right?”

And you won’t believe how AT PEACE and EXCITED I was both at the same time when I heard her response. In the back of my head, I was playing my own little victory chant lol. I said, “Yeah, that’s it! So you did receive it!” And Yeeun-unni suddenly caught on XD, “!!! Are you the one who made it?” And so I shyly nodded and replied with a “yes~” Yeeun-unni’s eyes widened again and said, “Wow…*freeze* Thank you sooo much,” with the sincerest voice.

By this time, I was finally able to step back from my own little world and actually realize that the rest of the girls got kinda lost starting from the way I worded my question. However, Yeeun-unni really saved me that day. She started to spill some Korean here and there with the rest of WG and basically explained what I’d just told her. Some of them still looked kind of lost, but Leader Min smiled at me again and thanked me. I have to affirm: Yeeun-unni really does have a great memory.

As Kevin and I were running out of private time with the Wonder Girls, Hana asked us if we had any items to autograph; we were limited to one item only. So I just grabbed the Korean version of Nobody for the girls to sign. Aaand, it was over, but we stayed in the same room as the girls with the rest of the FAN*TASTICS. I relaxed on the sofa to process what had just happened, and stared at WG for as long as I could before the meet and greet was over.

And I guess that will be it for today! There is one more part to day one of the road trip, so please stay tuned for a detailed report on passing out fliers to promote the Wonder Girls and the variety of American response to the girls.



Road trip to see the Wonder Girls: Day one

August 17, 2009

I’m exhausted, so I will cut to the chase. I promise to include as many details as I can remember. :)

AT&T Center, San Antonio – 4:15pm

I thought we were late to the event, but we were not! Yes, after a couple of hours of driving and getting lost from Dallas to San Antonio, Kevin and I arrived at the AT&T Center at last to see the Wonder Girls teach us the Nobody dance! The parking fee was $15 (bleh), but WHO CARES! We quickly walked in front of the Verizon bus to wait on the girls.

A little less than ten minutes after our arrival, we could hear some screaming from the fans near us; some were getting their cameras ready, so I looked over to my right–the Wonder Girls are coming!! From far away, it wasn’t difficult to spot magenta against a sunny, white background. The girls were riding in a golf cart in their sparkly magenta dresses and looking great. As the cart was drawing closer to us, I cheered and waved at the girls. Even now I still remember Sohee smiling big with her eyes closed and then covering her face with both hands shyly right after–for what reason, I don’t know, but she looked extremely cute. :D The girls got off the cart when they were about a couple of yards away from us, smiling and waving as they walked up to the Verizon bus. I waved at all the girls, and Yoobin-unni made eye contact with me for a few seconds! o.o <3

There wasn’t a huge crowd of fans as I expected from San Antonio, so everyone stood up close to the Wonder Girls in two rows. I purposely hid half of myself behind the girl in front of me because…for one, I’m a singer, not a dancer >__< and two, TOO CLOSE rofl. If I were in the first row, I’d be standing literally in front of Yeeun and Sunmi whom I adore to pieces. And I thought, I would see them super up close tonight anyway, so it’s ok. (Well, GOOD CHOICE, self! Because you really can’t dance to save your life…)

The Wonder Girls introduced themselves as a group then individually. Sunmi smiled and looked at me during introductions hehe. I wasn’t wearing my panda hat but another white cap, but perhaps I should have? By the way, they looked freakishly tall with those heels lol. After introductions, they started to teach us the dance. First, we tried it without the music twice. After that, we tried it with the music. I honestly didn’t want to move hahaha; I just wanted to watch them and film them. BUT out of my love for the girls, yes…I embarrased myself in front of the people behind me (?) if there was any. At one point I did stop dancing and just sang along with the music lol.

During the dance lesson, there was a lot of spontaneous feedback from the speaker to the right of Yeeun, so my left side. During the last time the speaker squeaked, the fans enjoyed a 4D moment from Sunmi. She closed her eyes shut to the squeaking sounds, switched spots with Yeeun who had the mic, turned slightly toward the speaker, and patted the speaker. XDD It was undoubtedly cute. After the whole lesson was over, the girls actually stayed with us fans for a little more to give hugs to fans and autograph items. I was unprepared for this specifically, so I didn’t have a marker with me. :( And I wanted to run up to all the members, hug them, and tell them I LOVE YOU but again, I thought, I’ll be seeing them tonight, and I should be considerate of the fans here that didn’t get chosen as FAN*TASTICS or don’t have tickets to the concert tonight. NOW I do wish I’d gone up to at least one of them, but aiyaaa it’s ok lah. XD


The cones/entrace/exits at the venue were SO confusing, so we arrived kind of late. We were supposed to have arrived at 8:40pm, but we weren’t exactly pressed for time, so it was ok. It was quite dark next to the Verizon bus once again, so it wasn’t the best time to meet and greet all of the FAN*TASTIC team…plus, everyone looked occupied with something. It was also there that Kevin and I met Hana for the first time. She is pretty like everyone else said lol, but her persona scared me a little… I turn weak when I’m faced with those kinds of people. XD

I’ll skip details of the long wait, one of us getting worried because her FAN*TASTIC friend arrived late but was only a small distance away from us, and the walk into the building lol. All of us got a little green wristband thingy before entering the building. We were all lined up behind Hana, and she led us through many hallways on the way to the backstage area. It was hilarious on the way there when JYP popped into our view all of a sudden LOL. One of the girls was quick to pull out a notebook for him to autograph, and it caused us to crowd in the hallway for a bit, so Hana was like “umm, SECURITY HAZARD!” and the girl was like oops lol. But JYP was so chill about it! He was just sitting there with his phone and stuff and smiling at us. XD Kevin said “he looked like he wasn’t all there.” Hehehe. A couple of hallways later, we also spotted Yeeun-unni and Sunye-unni. I always chuckle when I look back at it because it took the team like..two full seconds to recognize who they are because they weren’t in heels LOL. It was Yeeun-unni’s hair and their magenta dresses that did it for me (and I felt like a bad fan, actually, because it took me a while to realize it was Sunye-unni walking next to Yeeun-unni). They looked a little surprised, smiled, and said hi to us.

Now to the best part of the day and perhaps the most rewarding part of the entire road trip to me. Hana told us that she was going to get the girls, and that we would be meeting and greeting the girls two by two. OK. After she said that, I froze. I was like WOW…two by two…that’s great, and that’s REALLY personal…I was excited and nervous at the same time. XDD I kept reviewing the questions I’d prepared to ask them, just in case we had time for questions. I also kept playing scenarios out in my head because I wanted to make the best out of this experience, BUT…if you know me, you know how things always turn out a little differently for me haha. Yup, my experience was an adventure.

9 something PM

It was Kevin and my turn to go in. In my head I was going AHHHH OMG OMG OMG ohhhhh shoot, but I looked 90% at peace on the outside. XD So I entered the room first, and the girls were on the left side of the room, waiting.

Eh I’m tired…I’m gonna be mean and stop here. 8D To be continued soon~



AllKPop and JYPE Contest #1

May 8, 2009

“Who is your favorite Wonder Girl and why?”

With just a single glance, I found myself completely captivated by Sunmi.

I’ve wondered: Is it her lovable attitude, or simply her smile? Could it be her flawless impersonations that make my stomach hurt each time from laughing? Perhaps it’s her voice that stands out whether in singing pop, soul, ballad, or rapping; whether hitting high notes, low notes, or somewhere in between. Could it simply be her ability to pull off anything?

Or maybe it’s because I admire her for who she is–strong on the edges and soft in the center. Although she’s hard-working and intelligent, she’s still able to admit her weaknesses and keep improving.

I’ve searched and wondered and still found myself lost in thought, but I’ve come to understand that it’s impossible to pinpoint just one reason why I like her. Because..it seems like in the five months of getting to know the Wonder Girls, I have completely, completely fallen in love with every little thing about her.

Sunmi is my favorite Wonder Girl.


Oh, what a deadly question! Not only is there no specific rule, but it’s open to literally anyone who knows English and has Internet…I wonder how long it’s going to take to judge lol.

With a question like this, begging us to be selective about the girls, I’m dying to know what the judges are looking for. They’re definitely going to get the “I don’t have a favorite–I love all five Wonder Girls!” response, the “Even though I love all five Wonder Girls because…my favorite one is…” response, and of course the regular “I love so-and-so because…” response, but just how are they going to pick the winners? I also wonder if any fans are going to take advantage of the weekend to come up with something epic.

Anyway, I’m going to assume that they want typed responses and not video or audio or images, though those may show up one after another like five minutes before the deadline to prevent others from stealing such ideas LOL. I have actually thought about doing that, except I would just make myself look like a copycat if someone else had the same writing style. So good luck to all the participants–show the girls your love and keep spreading the wonder. :)



Again and Again

April 30, 2009

I will try until I can’t.

Somewhere deep inside every fan, there’s always that desire to show love and loyalty to his favorite band. However, not every fan will choose to respond to that desire. Some fans might even take it too far.

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J.Y. Park’s Dream for the Wonder Girls: To Become the Best of the World

April 17, 2009

Note: This is my visual rhetoric paper for Jeff’s RHET1302 class. Just thought I’d post it up for fun.


Producer J.Y. Park has made many dreams come true, and his current greatest dream is for the Wonder Girls (Figure-1) to become the best of the world. Having produced over thirty-one #1 singles and twenty-five #1 albums and composed music for American artists including Will Smith and Mase, he was certainly not joking when he revealed his dream on national television. In fact, the Wonder Girls have already become the top girl group of South Korea with two “Artist of the Year” awards and twenty-six others since their debut in 2007. Having completed a concert tour with Park in Los Angeles, Orange County, and New York recently, the girls are a few more steps closer to their dream. Right now they are staying in New York to prepare for their debut in America; so how did J.Y. Park do it?

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The “So Hot” Project

March 12, 2009

I just wanted to throw this out there before I blog about my weekend at Orange County with Wonder Girls, JYP, and 2PM, which came with a few small regrets.

Watch it at your own risk! You may never look at Ines Chien the same way again. D:

Credits: Jordan, Soompi, JPA, and facebook pictures.
Notes: Not for real. T__T



California, you are the place to be!

February 14, 2009

As soon as I came home on Thursday, my taskbar was bombarded with flashing orange MSN messages:

:LA yeah?

I was thinking, well of course! She had known for a while about my trip to The JYP Tour 2009 in March. Except the one I’m attending is in La Mirada, not LA, so I quickly gave her my arrival time and location. Next window:

:Hey Ines…
:MM in LA…have you heard?
: x_____x

And I just kinda sat there. Stared for a while, you know? Yeeeeah. Processing, processing…and soon I exploded in overexcitement. I was pretty much unable to make a new post at such a state of mind. So here’s the info for both groups of lovely girls (though I’m extremely late on the JYP & WG Tour):

THE JYP TOUR 2009 with JYP & Wonder Girls
Special guests: 2PM, J-LIM, G-SOUL
March 5th, Thursday: 8:00PM @ Wiltern Theater, LA, CA
March 6th, Friday: 8:00PM @ La Mirada Theater, La Mirada, CA
March 8th, Sunday: 7:00PM @ Hammerstein Ballroom, NY, NY
Order tickets via the link a couple of lines above. From what I’ve heard so far, JYP and the Wonder Girls will take over half and half, while the special guests will perform 2-4 songs. I encourage you to show your support for the girls on their new official blog in English, and please do check out their dance contest on Ningin. The grand prize winner will receive a backstage pass and autographed items, and there are prizes for the next two runner-ups as well.

Morning Musume as First Official Guests of Honor for AnimeExpo AX 2009
Date: July 2-5, Thursday – Sunday
Tickets pre-order: $50.00
Tickets at the door: $70.00
Order your tickets here!

From the looks of it, the Wonder Girls will definitely perform in the states again, so make sure you do NOT miss out on Morning Musume this summer in LA. Beg for it, cry for it, work for it, whatever–show your support for the girls! I am most definitely sure that it will be an amazing experience for anyone who goes, especially for us fans living in America who cannot always afford a roundtrip ticket to Japan.